Trauma and Love

Content: trauma, childhood, dogs are dope
Here it is, the love of my life. I want to talk about fear, when I think of fear, I think of love. I always hated this mind bridge, now I’m trying to use it. Losing my fear only means: I have connections in my life that would hurt to lose. It sounds strange, but there is healing for children who have not learned a healthy connection to love.
Here is the love of my life, and that sounds cheesy and strange, and for those who find themselves in a lot or in a relationship based on romantic love, it may even be sad, but none of it is what I feel. Because I can say that means: the people in my life understand what role the care for this fur monster means to me. They don’t feel thanked for it (yep. I had this type of ex.) Or see him as an option, he is now always there when possible – and the people in my life are happy.
He has become my compass, whoever does not see what he is for me has no business in my life.
Trauma goes strange ways, his trauma taught my trauma to take care of him, and thus me.