First Week Decolonize Challenge

Linktree for the complete Challenge

Day 1

@josephine.apraku has started a great collection of reflection assignements for white people – in german, im sorry!
Here you’ll find daily tasks for a decolonial future for at least 15 days!
Call to action: write a post about how you’re feeling with the current situation, no shame for tiredness! Write why it’s important to stay focused and refer to Josephine’s and my challenges.


Day 2

2. How do you understand “racism”? What are your thoughts about the word “colonialism”? And what are “anti-racism” and “de-colonialism” then? Don’t google, just write down what thoughts these terms evoke.


Day 3

As an inspiration watch this video by Naomi Klein with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about a world after the Green New Deal:

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Why imagination is something important, the essay by Audre Lorde – Poetry is not a Luxury

Call to Action:

Speak with a friend about how the world could look in 2025 if it would start to position itself as anti-racist today. How would your government, work, or the state look like? No matter how you align politically: anti-racism is not a secondary fight, but the center of your deliberations!
Example: Hey Person, in 2025 I’m taking my kid to primary school. It’s great, but also exciting. But not because the school has a racist name or promotes Pippi Longstocking, but because it’s our first day!


Day 4

Examine how you perceive news and statistics! Listen to one of these three podcasts:
english Podcast about “Gangs”
english Podcast about the Ebonics-Debate

German arcticles about the term clan-criminiality and manipulated statistics about violence against police:

Deutschsprachiger Podcast zur Statistik über Gewalt gegen die Polizei
Deutschsprachiger Artikel zum Begriff der Clan-Kriminialität

Noch ein deutschsprachiger Artikel zur Idee des Clans

Corona und der Clan Begriff

Call to Action:

Write exactly about this distortion of terms and statistics in social media, or directly to politicians who use the term? Go!



Day 5

In my blog post I wrote about how important it is to recognize black resistance as powerful. As we all learn to understand black history, black people learn that they can rely on their ancestors and white people learn agency, to see their power to act: a first step to un-learn the dehumanization of black people.

So let’s start with Black Twitter and the videoessay by Evelyn from the Internets:


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How black art can help to overwrite racist stereotypes in media: installation artist Smith makes it clear in this video:


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Call to Action: 

think of three privileges you hold. For instance white, monosexual, thin.. – then look on social media or on YouTube for people who don’t hold these privileges and follow at least three of them! No matter how you like their content, it’s a first step to learn daily about their perspective, to decentralize your perspective.

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