Is a CN Food helpful?

what does need a Content Note (CN) and what doesn’t?
First I have questions, look forward to your thoughts! What is a trigger, what is a recognized trauma? What is actually only socially devalued and should be normalized? Who do we ask CN for and who doesn’t – who prefers to remain silent instead of setting a CN wrong?

Does it make sense to provide food with a content note – and what morality does it repress?

There was a debate on Twitter as to whether food should be tagged as a trigger. Not talking about diets, not own negative associations about food, but any representation of food. The group concerned was “people with eating disorders” who were equated with “people who feel uncomfortable with the topic of food”. This group is huge, in this hostile society it is our default that food is bad. Who has an exclusively good connection to the subject of food, never noticed a comment?
I could paper my wall with shitty ex friends and ex Ex who wanted to talk me down about food, at the same time, of course, food and my body, which they wanted to talk badly about to me.
I’m not going to tag food, I’m all these groups, I have a serious eating disorder, I need positive, normalizing pictures of food.
This does not mean that this does not hurt others, can trigger, etc. Ultimately, however, all CN / trigger decisions are pro / contra decisions, we always decide not to mention trigger / content beforehand.

3 /3
Okay, eating daily is difficult but necessary. Seeing pictures of other people’s elaborate meals can be a burden – why can’t I do it? CN food because only rich people eat like this!
I know these feelings, heck, I get said that whenever I speak to my family, you think I’m a foodie? I’m a fast food fan for Dominican standards. Some dishes that I cook are prepared in less than two hours!
Class is added as a further level. Debates on classism in the West, particularly in Germany, are incredibly narrow-minded, look only at the local, not the global context and no cultural differences.
The criticism is something like: If you can eat a vegetable load, you are rich, if you eat ketchup with pasta you are poor. That’s not entirely wrong, vegetables are expensive, ketchup and pasta are cheap. But try to get my father to spend money on ketchup! Luxury! with pasta? Is the money hanging on the trees or what? He prefers to chase offers for dried vegetables, which he does in hours of work. How is that supposed to go alongside childcare? Unthinkable in German households, but I’ve been helping out in the kitchen since I can walk. None of this is right or wrong, poverty just looks different and it makes me sad that some German classism reviews have no focus. Okay, now we all have “you must be of the ruling class!” and “privilege!” screamed – but where do we want to go? That everyone is poor in the same way? I want my Baba to be able to treat himself to ketchup, Germans have enough money for vegetable dishes and everyone has enough time. I want my experiences to be integrated into your idea of ​​poverty, because I like to eat humble habichuelas every day, ketchup remains a luxury. #Pastawithketchup