Blackness – in all it’s different forms

From a Afrolatin@ to all siblings who’s experience of Blackness
is marginalized in the main discourse around blackness:

– i will give my best to see you, as the very particular person you are because of your particular experience

– i will give my best to focus on your narrative about black experience instead of the US/cis/thin/abled centred narrative

– i will celebrate your problematic favs, because loving them is just as valuable as problematic favs from dominant positions in blackness

– i will eat, cook and learn about your history, future visions, recipes and movies when ever I can

– i will use your academic sources instead of the well-known mainstream sources when ever I can sneak it in

– i will find out about cliches, cultural codes and stereotypes that are more specific to your specific black heritage or community, so we can laugh together, cry together and i can see your pain in all it’s layers

– i am here to listen. tell me everything. YES youtube nights – yes wiki articles – yes family fotos, stories, members.

We are so much more divers then the common narrative the dominant community members are pushing about us. We are connected and will be even deeper connected when we make it a habit to celebrate our differences, rather then our shared trauma or shared attributes.