About me

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I am SchwarzRund. By now, it has become my official pen name. First it was the name of my blog, but now I publish everything, artistic or academic, under that name.

I am a Black Dominican in Germany with both passports and I work in various fields. Storytelling and poetry/performance texts are the heart of my work. But painting, writing and online ranting are very important to me as well – for my activism and for me personally.

I have a B.A. in Culture and Art Studies and in Gender Studies. Right now I am studying in the Gender Master Programm of Humboldt University Berlin.





  •   Black queer-feminist Readings and Spoken Word
  • Training for Educators and social workers about Intersectionality and possibilities for interventions
  •   Writer for short and long articles, poems and short stories
  •   multimedia talk about Field of Intervention in Black Queer Musicvideos
  •  VJ Set Black queer and femme Music
  •  Empowerment-Workshops about Fatness, Blackness, Queerness and how to be an ally
  •   Workshops for Writers
  •    Inputs and speeches about critical Media research, Movements, Black German History, Queer Theory, Femme-Politics, Decolonize Everything, Intersectionality and art as a Form of Resistance
  • Coverdesigns
  • Art exibitions


Mail me at schwarzrund@posteo.de – I am giving speeches in english and german and yes, I am ready to travel the world!