12 Thoughts about BlackLivesMatter by BodyMary

1. Dear Black people I am sorry if you get back to work/school/university and your none Black colleagues only talking about their relaxing weekend.

2. there is an ongoing genocide on Black lives since 500 years.
3. how much more Black people have to lose their life till you understand, that there is no peaceful way to reclaim freedom and justice in an injustice system?
4. The french revolution was not a peaceful protest!
5. As none Black people do not come to Black people showing your emotions and saying Now is the time to act, then you clearly overslept 500 years.
6. None Black activists/people your silence is the cause of my tinnitus.
7. Dear asian activists #GeorgeFloyd was killed by a white officer who is married to a woman of asian descendant. A policeman of asian descendant stood by and did nothing to prevent the death of an innocent Black man. Face your #antiblackness and make it the priority of your activism.
8. Every discrimination is linked to another and based on racism. There is no discrimination where Black people have a PREVILEG. NONE! This is why your activism without antiracism is #bs.
9. The social justice movement was created by Black womxn/femmes.
10. Intersectionality is a concept of prof. @kimberlecrenshaw a Black woman. Using intersectionality without including Black womxn/femmes perspective is a misuse of that concept.
11. Dear none Black “antiracist” activists if you working in an NGO or organization without having at least two Black People working with you, this is not antiracism. Take responsibility and give your job Black experts.
12. By keeping your jobs as a none Black”antiracist” activist you are perpetuating white supremacy and racism by thinking you would be better in your job than a Black expert?! Also notice that Black people are not sitting at the table, being in charge and get no paycheck. To challenge injustice means to give up your power. .

This post is inspired by @olavetalks @yzlm_ @nkweeny and @lahya_aukongo.
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