Dear Body

Today was one of those days. My Selfhate exploded, my chronical pain and trauma dominated everything. Then i found out to kick my selfhate and perfection in the gut by making AND posting this one-shot video about loving my body. Thanks Ari, I love your worjk so much!


My german Zine from 2015 including actually this task!
THANKS ARI FITZ for making this empowerment-tool go online 🙂

Interview about decolonizing Streets, literature and history

What is the role of Potsdam in your novel? One crucial scene of the novel is set in Potsdam. I don’t want to spoil too much here… One question that accompanies Tue is where her Blackness comes from. At one point, she learns that she is related to Achmed. Achmed …

Review of my queer afropolitan Berlin-Novel BISKAYA in english

Review: Biskaya – SchwarzRund

If you can read German, I seriously suggest you try this book. It’s amazing. I never expected to find such a well-written book in German. The language is not problematic. It’s diverse. It’s intersectional. And the story is moving, I really enjoyed my time with this book.

In my opinion, this book should be published in English.

Bad Feminism /Bad Lesbian

[ Klick here for german version] “Bad feminists” or “bad lesbians” – becoming a topic of interest, amongst others at a panel at SchwuZ (a queer club in Berlin). On the Facebook page one finds criticism and discussions regarding that topic. Many activists are using their energy and ressources to …

A Latinix Thing

  This poem is written out of sadness, sickness, lost hope and the fear to out failures of communitys, which are so essential to save lifes. This poem isn’t written in one of my languages because they are to close to my heart, so i jused my little english skills …

Poem: Casa [MP3 + Text]

“why does cooking mean so much to you? You carribeans act crazy about food -that’s so over the point” a brother told me

and it is so

My dad built a casa, a place i never have been to but i see it when the garlic is burning dark in my oil filled pan

My dad built a casa

as my black ancestors did

they built it in their hearts

they recreated it


with garlic and rice

in the kitchen

on the gas-fire in front of their houses built with corrugaded sheets

In the backyards of the spanish colonial masters

in the kitchens of white feminist who prove their freedom on the backs of black bodys